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About Me

After spending over five years working as an attorney for a large insurance company, I felt a nagging feeling – a feeling that I wanted my legal work to stand for something more. Ultimately that feeling led me to a practice focused on representing injured workers from all walks of life. The son of Navy veteran and a registered nurse, I have been guided with three core values since birth – honor, commitment, and empathy.

I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minors in Business and Public Policy. I attended law school at the University of California at Davis (King Hall) where I served as Senior Articles Editor for the UC Davis Law Review. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my young family, traveling, camping, and hiking.

I’ve represented injured workers of all ages, backgrounds and professions. This includes helping secure six figure settlements for a mechanic in his fifties, a restaurant worker in her forties, and a construction laborer in his thirties. I am ready to represent you against insurance companies that want nothing more than to pay as little as possible for your injury.


The most successful case is the case where an attorney is not needed. In other words, the injured worker has been treated fairly in the workers’ compensation system and received the medical care and benefits they are entitled to.

Unfortunately, there are many times when an injured worker is not treated fairly, and needs a skilled attorney protecting and advocating for their rights in the workers’ compensation system.

Why choose our firm?
Our firm has three main goals whenever a potential client meets with us for a FREE initial consultation:

EDUCATED about the workers’ compensation system and the specific issues in their case


Confident Attorney Abaya’s EXPERIENCE puts him in a unique position to effectively handle a workers’ compensation case


That someone hears their story – or simply, EMPATHY



  • To say that working with Lael Abaya was delightful would be an understatement. I actually looked forward to speaking with him! I still can’t believe how sincere and considerate he is as an attorney. I am far from being legally-savvy which resulted in me having a lot of questions. Lael made me feel free to ask any and all questions and he took the time to respond in detail (and repeat when necessary!) This made me feel so at ease because I understood very little about the process but I wanted to learn so as to make the best decisions. When I finally met Lael in person, I felt like I was meeting with an old friend. He is great at what he does and anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to be his client.

    Hired Attorney | 1.5.18
  • Great Counsel!
    Mr. Abaya represented me with legal assistance in the most effective manner that I needed, and he will do the same for you. If you are in need of the highest level of effective assistance by a licensed attorney in the practice areas indicated above, Mr. Abaya more than definitely meets and exceeds the standard of great representation for his clients.

    Hired Attorney | 2.25.18
  • Looking for a good workers comp attorney? Mr. Abaya did great for me.
    Lael Abaya represented me in a workers comp case. He did a good job following up with me and representing me with the insurance companies that otherwise wanted to pay me nothing. He help me get a more than fair settlement and there’s nothing more that I could ask for.

    Hired Attorney | 2.9.18
  • Lael Abaya great!
    I had excellent service from Lael Abaya. He is caring and was very concerned about my situation. He responded quickly and professionally on every issue that arised. He answer all questions to his best knowledge. If he was unsure he researched information to be clear and knowledgeable.

    Hired Attorney | 2.6.18


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